Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Adventist Outreach Kids (AOK) for the 2020-21 year! Please check out the eligibility rules and guidelines below. We will be starting the year virtually via Zoom on August 29, but God willing, this AOK year will be another successful & exciting one! We're so excited about the future of AOK and cannot wait for you to join us!

AOK 2020-21 Application (make sure to read the rules below first!)

AOK Application Rules & Guidelines

  • Any child who is of 10 years of age or older on or before October 31st, 2020 is eligible to join AOK for the 2019-20 AOK year. Any child who does not meet the age requirement above for joining AOK is eligible to join the AOK Mini Squad, our junior AOK organization. The Mini Squad joins AOK on almost all nursing home programs and at certain meetings and events. Those interested in joining AOK (either as a member or a Mini Squader) will need to fill out the online AOK Application Form here. A signature from at least one parent/legal guardian is required on the application form. Once we receive your application, we will review it, approve it, and contact you with more information.

  • Please do note that even if you/your child was an AOK member/Mini Squader last year or anytime during AOK's existence, they will still need reapply to join AOK by filling out the AOK application form online. This will help us to get to know your child(ren) better and how they wish to serve God through AOK.

  • Since email is AOK's main method of communication, every member (not Mini Squad) is required to have an email account. It can be their own personal one, or one belonging to an older sibling in AOK. It cannot be a parent's email account, as we have learned that it's not very convenient and can cause a communication breakdown. It is strongly recommended that all AOK members get a Gmail account, as we do use Google Drive, Docs, Slides and other Google services frequently. AOK has Gmail accounts available through our church's G Suite for Nonprofits subscription, so if you like for your child to get an email account that is monitored and controlled, please do contact Eden Obodum at and he can have set one up for them. We would like every AOK to have access to their own personal email account, or at least one of a sibling in AOK.

  • We also use Remind for AOK communication. Remind is a text messaging system specifically designed for schools but applicable in many situations. The cell phone number(s) provided in your AOK/AOK Mini Squad Records Form will be used for Remind. We strongly recommend that both parents and AOK members who have iOS or Android smartphones download the Remind app to best keep track of all AOK announcements and updates. You can learn more about Remind at their website, We will send out the Remind information shortly after the year begins.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at Thank you again for your interest in joining AOK! Please continue to keep AOK in your prayers. We really want the Lord to guide and lead us as we seek to serve Him. Thanks & may God bless!

In His Service,

Adventist Outreach Kids (AOK) Board of Leaders